Success isn’t magic

I’ve been hooked on Smart People Podcast recently and the amazing people they’ve been interviewing.

A great podcast recently featured Lee Cockerell, former Executive VP of Disney World who has authored books playing on the Disney theme, and incorporating lessons learned throughout his career, Creating Magic, and Time Management Magic

What I loved is the honesty in which Lee spoke and that none of the key to his success has anything to do with magic. It’s simply down to hard work, discipline and a positive attitude.

You can listen to the full podcast here: but here is my favorite.

Lee Cockerell on what it takes to be successful:

“You’ve got to be better than everybody else. If 10 people do the job you do you got to be the best one, and that means having the best attitude, a positive, can-do attitude.

You’ve got to be reliable you have to have a system in place to keep track to what you are working on. Be on time, get your work in on time, and raise your hand when the boss says ‘I need somebody to take this on’, be one of the people that take on added work.”

Lee worked his way up from a banquet waiter, and through this solid track record of reliability, getting the job done with a great attitude worked his way up through various management positions in hospitality until his position as Executive VP of Disney Word, Disney world employs 62,000 people and is the largest single-site employer in the US.

Far from being magic, “ A great attitude and highly reliable are pretty much wanted by any boss out in the world.”

Thanks to @smartpeoplepodcast and @LeeCockerell for the great tips. I just bought your book, Lee.

Time Management Magic: How to Get More Done Everyday

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